Please note that all articles that have been written have not yet been published to SCd20 Wiki. If an article is not listed under No Article, please do not create it.

Developmental Phases Edit

  1. List an article on the To-Do page under the appropriate No Article section. This article will be developed based on the MSRD and Development Guidelines page.
  2. Once the article has been written, move it to the appropriate Revisions section.
  3. Once the article has been Revised and approved, remove it from the To Do page and tag it as Complete.

No Article Edit

Articles that need to be created will be listed here.

Units Edit

Ground Units

  1. Probe
  2. Archon
  3. Nullifier

Air Units

  1. Arbiter
  2. Observer
  3. Warp Prism
  4. Phoenix
  5. Void Ray

Technology Edit

  1. Wounded Teleportation

Revisions Needed Edit

No revisions are needed at this time.

Approval Needed Edit

No articles are awaiting approval at this time.

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